BrandX is a strategic international brand agency based in Asia

Born out of international experience and Asian knowledge, BrandX brings the best of both worlds. On the ground observation has given the team elevated understanding of local markets. From local stores to huge shopping malls we’ve seen it all. Consumer behaviour, influences and purchasing habits all play a part in knowledge of the bigger picture. Add to this, the exposure of working in international branding across many continents and BrandX is truly where east meets the west.

Rhys Prothero

Founder & Creative Partner

After over 20 years in design, the one thing I am still most passionate about, is bringing brand messaging to life visually. There is no greater buzz than seeing a creation available in the public eye doing the job it was designed for.

I am a Creative Director of English pedigree. I have worked in 4 different countries on 3 different continents.

I did the rounds with major players in design such as Landor, Blue Marlin and Cowan in senior roles including Regional Creative Director for South East Asia and South Asia.

I was a founder of AP Branding, an international branding Agency based out of Hong Kong and Vietnam in 2012. I  ran the company successfully until 2021

I am now excited to be part of BrandX and want to bring all of my experience from various parts of the world to this project.

Outside of work I love to travel and enjoy the outdoors with my growing family.

BrandX, big ideas, considered thinking, diverse experiences.