Arnott’s Nyam Nyam – Indonesia

The previous range was highly fragmented and had no distinctive brand colour. The re-design created a solid range look and feel.

A very young feel was required for this range. Simple illustration and product images integrate to bring the personality and interest.

Each range has a unique shape that relates to the product. This helps to make the the brand work in harmony with the variant colours.

Prego Pasta and Sauces

Malaysia’s number one. Prego is all about using quality real ingredients in products that are easy to prepare. The design and photography convey these messages and create a strong range look.

Nescafé Cafe Viet Roasted & Ground Coffee

Nescafé in Vietnam has always been known for 3-in-1 instant coffee. Upon entering the Roast and Ground segment of the market, where 100% real coffee is prepared with a filter, it was essential that the point of difference was communicated to the consumer.

The whole pack becomes the ‘Phin’, the traditional Vietnamese coffee filter, to reinforce the 100% real Vietnamese coffee message.

Arnott’s Good Time

Indonesia’s number one cookie and available all over South East Asia. A new design bringing alive the homestyle and natural story. A flexible and modern architecture holds the range together.

Campbell’s Minute Soup

How to get natural cues and the on the go message into one simple design which can work as a range? We make the elements work harder and do more than one job. A scene is created which carries all the relevant messaging in the most efficient way.