This was a challenging project. We had to bring alive a unique proposition of a mix of yoghurt, milk and real fruit juice. It also needed appetite appeal, shelf standout and to include lots of other mandatory information and logos on a very small pack. The resulting design combined the messaging perfectly to achieve these goals.åç

O’ Smart Natural Mixers

O’cean wanted to expand from mainstream beverages to premium mixers. To assert the elevated status, a minimalist approach was adapted and a new brand, O’ Smart Natural Mixers, was created. The end result exuded simplicity, elegance, iconicism and sophistication.

Cobra Energy Drink

The best selling energy drink in the Philippines, sold in RGB and PET bottles. Expansion began in Myanmar. The export product however was sold in cans. Unfortunately once put into a can, the existing design behaved very much like a carbonated soft drink and it was very unclear what the product actually was. The challenge was to inject much stronger energy cues, whist still maintaining the link with the original design. We were challenged to create boldness, relevance and modernity that would appeal to a contemporary international market.

C2 Immunity

C2 Immunity is a completely new offer. A product that has scientifically proven immunity boosters was a tactical launch during the pandemic. It needed to stand out as the premium offer versus the full range, all of which was also designed by us.

Slai O’Lai

Slai O’Lai belonged to the premium segment of biscuits for Mayora. Its previous stature didn’t give justice to its premium price point or its vision to be a vibrant, youthful and a progressive lifestyle brand. Our task was to bring these values to the forefront of the work and help the brand fit with their campaign ‘color up your day’.

Nestle Tet

A wholistic campaign that included Packaging, Key Visual, Billboards and Point of Sale Material. The big idea that held it all together came from the lucky new year messages written in traditional brush calligraphy by the ‘Ong Do’. He is a symbol of Tet, an old man dressed in traditional red robes.

Saigon Gold Beer Limited Edition

A limited addition for Tet, Vietnamese New Year. The gold box and can oozed premium gifting cues to give a special seasonal feel.

The design is reminiscent of gold bullion. Gold denotes prosperity for the new year and the premium finishes we selected allowed this to deliver fully.

Cadbury Zip

A Dynamic and youthful feel was created for this chocolate bar. Chocolate indulgence with crispy wafer were the product truths brought to life.

Kinh Do – Fresh Breads and Cakes

A full range project with various sections. Over 30 products in total. A strong architecture with great photography was created for a natural freshly baked feel. Colour coding  navigated the ranges: Sweet Bread, Plain Bread, Savory Bread and Cakes as well as the individual flavours.

The old designs were extremely inconsistent. Even products with the same range looked different. That is now rectified.

Chiko Masterbrand

Chiko is the market leader in eclairs and toffees in the Middle East. We embraced this huge responsibility of contemporising a very well established brand. We ensured the migration from previous to new was logical and did not alienate current consumers. The end result typified a bold and consistent brand-first architecture implemented in domestic and duty free channels.

The logo was updated from an old fashioned and meaningless design. The new design resembles a candy wrapper opening, with excitement and fun bursting out. A strapline ‘Unwrap the Fun’ was created to work in harmony with this design.

The range was harmonised under the master brand whilst still allowing the much loved brands to retain their personalities.

A step up version was created for travel retail sales. Metallic inks, matt finishes and stand up pouches added to the experience.

Once the core range was finalised, a number of power brands also needed to be designed. These have a bigger personality and Chiko becomes more of an endorser

A gifting range was created under the sub brand Funsations. These were close enough to be linked to the masterbrand, but had added speciality for the occasion.

A further range was designed firstly destination specific, this one was to be sold exclusively in Dubai duty free. The range also accommodated special occasions like Valentines Day and Christmas.

Arnott’s Nyam Nyam – Indonesia

The previous range was highly fragmented and had no distinctive brand colour. The re-design created a solid range look and feel.

A very young feel was required for this range. Simple illustration and product images integrate to bring the personality and interest.

Each range has a unique shape that relates to the product. This helps to make the the brand work in harmony with the variant colours.

Prego Pasta and Sauces

Malaysia’s number one. Prego is all about using quality real ingredients in products that are easy to prepare. The design and photography convey these messages and create a strong range look.

Nescafé Cafe Viet Roasted & Ground Coffee

Nescafé in Vietnam has always been known for 3-in-1 instant coffee. Upon entering the Roast and Ground segment of the market, where 100% real coffee is prepared with a filter, it was essential that the point of difference was communicated to the consumer.

The whole pack becomes the ‘Phin’, the traditional Vietnamese coffee filter, to reinforce the 100% real Vietnamese coffee message.

Arnott’s Good Time

Indonesia’s number one cookie and available all over South East Asia. A new design bringing alive the homestyle and natural story. A flexible and modern architecture holds the range together.

Campbell’s Minute Soup

How to get natural cues and the on the go message into one simple design which can work as a range? We make the elements work harder and do more than one job. A scene is created which carries all the relevant messaging in the most efficient way.

Milo Seagames

To Celebrate Malaysia hosting the South East Asia Games and Asean Para Games, Milo engaged us to create a series of graphics. Several Malaysian athletes were to be featured in the campaign.

We created a look that used Milo’s existing brand assets in conjunction with the SEA Games graphics particularly the 45° angle and coloured stripes. A photography style was developed, using 45° motion lines. The coloured lines were used to carry information on the athletes. Gold was added for a special and winning feeling.

Chiko Koffy

A completely new product sold in the Middle East. A coffee flavored premium candy. The feeling of real coffee cues was integrated into an ownable brand stye and an indulgent, appetizing range was created. The first batch to market sold out immediately.

Lee Kum Kee – Asian Twist

A new global offer for Lee Kum Kee – Asian Twist. The product is intended to be added to any food and create a taste of Asia. A name and identity were designed symbolising the fusion of flavors and the interesting twist that it adds. The strong architecture allowed a range to be easily created.

Ironman Cocowater

Cocowater is a natural electrolyte which is a healthier choice that artificial sports drinks. Teaming up with the famous Ironman race franchise, a design was created to bring this alive. With natural cues such as abstract palm trees and ocean waves a relevant energy is created.